Nata Togliatti’s (born 1989 in the UdSSR) artistic practice ranges from painting and sculpture to performative interventions and installations. She challenges established principles of aesthetics and focuses on the vulnerable, ornamental and natural. Her work is influenced by post-colonial and cosmopolitan approaches with regard to ecological, political and social challenges of the present. Globalization, migration and identity are recurring themes through which she also processes her own migration experiences, memories and concerns. Her motifs include symbols of immigration, the foreign and exotic. „I understand identity as a summary of many factors and influences and the human being part of a large natural system where things and living beings are connected and interwoven; a cycle, a living ornament where order and chaos exist side by side.“

In her predominantly serial approach Togliatti juxtaposes machine production with craftsmanship and questions the concept of standardization in worldwide globalization processes. She prefers the principle of nature, whereby there are structures and patterns, but no identical repetition. The individual remains in Togliatti’s works.

Togliatti transforms relics of our everyday (consumer) lives into new contexts. Packagings, being the waste of consumer society and global trade, often become protagonists and dialog partners in her paintings. The useless is given meaning and modern functionalism is questioned. According to the philosopher Bayo Akomolafe „if we want to make a change in the world, we must go beyond the utilitarian aspect“.

Togliatti sees her artistic task as creating connections, overcoming categorizations and allowing the boundaries to become fluid.

Nata Togliatti curated the SUPERmARkT-Frische Lieferung exhibition in Munich in 2021, where she brought international art between the shelves, the SPEISERAUM 1st Edition-FOOD FOR THOUGHT exhibition in 2022 and the second edition of howtosurvivesuperniceandsupersexy magazine. She exhibited at Galerie Klüser in Munich in 2021, at KÖNIG Galerie in Berlin in 2022 and at Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg in 2023. Her work has also been shown in institutional group exhibitions; 2023 at Haus am Lützowplatz in Berlin, 2022 at Canal Street Research in New York, 2021 at Haus der Kunst Munich and 2022 at Kunstarkaden Munich. She is represented in recognized art collections such as the ERES Foundation, Stadler Collection and Born Collection. In 2023 she was awarded the Curt Wills Prize and was able to do an artist residency at the traditional Porcelain Manufactory Nymphenburg, where she produced large-format majolica sculptures and porcelain works for the first time.

solo exhibitions

2024 „B/Б A N/H D/T“, Curt-Wills-Foundation, Munich, DE

2023 „Genussvolle Flucht“, Evelyn Drewes Gallery, Hamburg, DE

2018 „Kennst du das Land, wo die Zitronen blühn“, REWE Premium, Munich, DE

2016 „ein blick“- Artcorner, Cologne, DE

group exhibitions


„Think before you print“, Projects 154, Munich, DE

„48 Artists Cologne“, K101, Cologne, DE

„Avowals to the Sun“, Kunstpavillon, Munich, DE


„Wilde Kränze“, Werksviertel Curt-Wills-Foundation, Munich, DE

„Mein trübes Wasser wurde klar“, curated by Gregor Hildebradt, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, DE

„Agaschkas Wurzeln“, curated by Miriam Ferstl, Curt Wills-Foundation, Munich, DE

„Genussvolle Flucht“, Diploma, Akademy of Fine Arts, Munich, DE


„SPEISERAUM – First Edition FOOF FOR THOUGHT“, Speiseraum, space for contemporary art, curated by Nata Togliatti, Munich, DE (publication)

Blooming Identities, Gotischer Hof by Art N Talk, Flower Power Festival, Munich, DE

Auktionsausstellung Rotary Club München, Karl & Farber Auktionshaus, Munich, DE

„Oumuamua“ Kunstarkaden, Museum für zeitgenössische Werke, Munich, DEU

„Das Paradies liegt vor uns“, curated by Adi Hösle, Brauerei Clemens Herle, Munich, DE

„Like me Later“, curated by Gregor Hildebrandt, Linklaters LLP, Prinzregentenpl. 10, Munich, DE

„Minds are Magnets“, curated by Kristina Schmidt, Canal Street Research, New York, USA

„Junge Kunst“, 24. Kunstwochenende im Zehentstadel, kuratiert von Daniela Eiden, Moosburg an der Isar, DE

„Das große Finale“, curated by Simon Lohmeyer, Lazyland Galerie, Munich, DE

„Big Sandwich“, class Hildebrandt, Akademy of Fine Arts Munich, DE

„Talente 2022 – Meister der Zukunft“, Ausstellung der Handwerkskammer München, Messe Riem, Munich, DE


„Dezemberschau by Amrei Heyne“, curated by Amrei Heine, online

„Release HTSSNASS:S COLLECTION 2021“, Super BOOKS, Haus der Kunst, Munich, DEU (publication)

„MISA.ART #3“, KÖNIG GALERIE, curated by Lena Winter, Berlin, DEU

„Korn von morgen?“ exhibition of CX Projektklasse im Rahmen vom Klimaherbst, Gärtnerei Karl Stägle, Munich (publication)

„SUPER-Markt-Frische Lieferung“, curated by Nata Togliatti, Intervention in REWE Premium, Munich, DE (publication)

„Blick zurück nach vorn“, curated by Gregor Hildebrandt, Galerie Klüser, Munich, DE

„Talente 2021“ Sonderschau der Handwerkskammer München, online at klimt.net

„Rendez-Vous“, curated by Abir Kobeissi, Lignet Roset, Munich, DE

„Koschatzki Art Award“, Palais Schönborn, Vienna, AUT

„Steine auf der Landebahn“, Padova Kunsthalle, Munich, DE

„X Meter unter der Stadt“ by CX Projektklasse, Akademie Galerie, Munich, DE


„Zimmer Frei“, curated by Mehmet Dayi, Kunstprojekt der Stadt München, Hotel Mariandl, Munich, DE

„Jahresausstellung der Klasse Hildebrandt 2020“, Munich Center of Community Arts, Munich, DE


Jahresausstellung 2019, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Klasse Gregor Hildebrandt, Munich, DE


Jahresausstellung 2018, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Klasse Gregor Hildebrandt, Munich, DE

„Wir schwimmen alle im gleichen Wasser“ Klasse Hildebrandt, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, DE

„Blick hinter die Kulissen“, Dorothea Tanning-Saal des Max-Ersnst Museum, Brühl, DE2017


arkadenale. „go to paradise“, Kunstarkaden, Kunstraum der Stadt Munich, DEU


„Art in Motion“ – Collaboration, Inspiration, Action“, Quiddezentrum, Munich, DEU

„Plastische Arbeiten“, Hallen der [ID] factory – Zentrum für Kunsttransfer, Dortmund, DEU

Künstlerische Pluralität Deutschland-China „Punkt Linie Fläche“, Kunstraum am Rhein DCKD, Düsseldorf, DEU


„Import Export III“, curated by Jan Kolata, Kunsthalle Lichthof, Cologne, DEU (publication)

„Ausstellung von Studierenden, Kunst-Ateliers“, Technische Universität, Dortmund, DEU

„Rundgang Kunst“, Dortmunder U, Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität, Dortmund, DEU


2023 Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg, Munich

2017 – 2021 REWE Premium, Munich

education + curatorial projects

2023 Diploma, Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt

2022 „SPEISERAUM – First Edition FOOD FOR THOUGHT“, curated group exhibition, Munich, 27.11.2022 – 19.12.2022

2021 „SUPERmARkT – Frische Lieferung“, curated group exhibition at REWE Premium, Munich, 08.04-15.04.2021

2021 „HTSSNASS:S COLLECTION 2021“, second edition, 34 Handlungsanweisungen zum Überleben, exhibition in a magazi, print and online, https://howtosurvivesuperniceandsupersexy.shop/

2016 – 2023 Studies at Academy of Fine Arts Munich, class Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt

2014 – 2016 Studies at Institute for Art and Cultural History at TU Dortmund, painting class Prof. Jan Kolata

2015 Bachelor of Arts in Englisch und Philosophie, TU Dortmund

2011 – 2014 Studies at Institute for Art and Cultural History at TU Dortmund, graphics class Prof. Bettina van Haaren

prizes + grants + nominations

2023 Curt-Wills-Preis 2023 by Curt-Wills-Stiftung (prize)

2022 Verbindungslinien by BBK Landesverband Bayern e.V. (grant)

2022 bayern innovativ „Junge Kunst und neue Wege“ (grant)

2020 Förderpreis LfA Förderbank Bayern, 2020 (prize)

2021 „Oberbayerischer Förderpreis für angewandte Kunst“ (nomination)

2022 „Talente 2021/2022“, Preis der Handwerkskammer München (nomination)


ERES Stiftung, Munich, DE

Sammlung Stadler, Munich, DE

Collection Born, Munich, DE

Privat Collections