Blooming Identities

Lemon variations by Nata Togliatti

Opening 16.06.2023 / 7-9pm / Gotischer Hof / Residezstr. 13 / Munich/

Open 17.06.2023 -15.10.2023 / Monday – Sunday/ 00:00-23:59 h/ exhibition is free of charge / Flower Power Festival

In the courtyard of a former „soul house“ and convent building in the city center, the artist stages a very special garden.

In the tightly enclosed Gothic courtyard on Residenzstraße, a former „Seelhaus“ and monastery building, the award-winning Munich artist Nata Togliatti stages a very special garden: The focus is on the lemon – as a desirable fruit. It appears as glazed ceramic and as part of a performance of female figures shown on a video screen. It is surrounded by flowers and blossom tendrils, the so-called Cave Paintings, which Togliatti has already presented in numerous exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich: floral ornaments that recall a place of her childhood that has long since ceased to exist and with which Togliatti approaches her own identity.

© Nata Togliatty, "Figurines" Photo by Magdalena Jooss